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My 36-year career, which spanned a number of fronts in the Oil Services and Information Technology sectors, was characterized by several transitions across a wide variety of management and sales & marketing roles. I began, like many in the industry, on the field. My first assignment was as an oilfield operations engineer on the jungles and plains of Colombia. After a couple of years there, I moved to an offshore location in the Scottish North Sea, where I finalized the “field engineer” phase of my career.

Technology-related assignments in Scotland and England followed, and then sales and operation management roles in Colombia and the United Arab Emirates. My family and I continued with moves to a marketing and sales job in Venezuela, to a research center in England, and then to marketing management jobs in Argentina and Texas. We—all seven of us, by that point—learned to periodically readjust to new cultures and ways of life, which to itself was a hugely valuable growing experience. And that wasn’t the end of it. After a senior management job in the information technology and business Services sector in the Andean Region, I was transferred to Russia for a couple of years, then to Mexico, and later to Spain. After well over three decades of enjoying

professional and cultural realities around the globe, I concluded my international career with a final assignment in Colombia, my home country.

I quickly realized, however, that I could embark on a second, exciting career; one leveraging my experience in supporting and inspiring corporate executives. In order to fully prepare myself for doing so, I joined iPEC (the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) in early 2017. I believe that iPEC’s 320+ hour, 8-month-long program, which includes 90 hours of face-to-face training and close follow-ups and skill development with a very experienced team of mentor coaches, is the best option available in the Coaching industry. It’s a decision that, looking back, I’m delighted to have made.

With the training I received while completing this certification, along with my decades of cross-continental experience in the corporate world, you can count on me to help you tap the very best of your potential. I look forward to having a preliminary conversation with you.


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